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Old Fashioned with Orange Infused Maple Syrup

The old fashioned is a classic drink that has been enjoyed by whiskey drinkers for decades.  It is an unique blend of Bourbon, orange and Bitters.  Bitters provide a splash of spice and herbs to any cocktail but are an essential ingredient to the Old Fashioned.  This combination of ingredients results in a spicy sweet caramel taste.  An old fashioned is aromatic, silky, and smooth.  As I was sipping an Old Fashioned one evening after a particularly crazy day, I thought to myself that the perfect addition to my much enjoyed drink would be Orange Infuse Maple Syrup.  It is a perfect match for this drink that relies on orange peel as both as a garnish, but also as a...

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Fallen Leaves Bacon Appetizer with Birch Syrup Marinade

At Fallen Leaves Maple Products, we believe that great conversations go hand in hand with great food whether it is a full meal or a quick snack. The melodic cadence of sharing of our experiences and laughter coupled with the aroma and taste of food stimulate our senses. It relaxes yet invigorates our spirit at the same time. It builds up memories that can be unleashed when a similar smell or taste occurs. These treasured memories help us get through lockdowns and remind us that we have more great conversations to look forward to. The other day I was going through the kitchen cupboards searching the ingredients for a snack. I did not want a salty snack or sweet snack...

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