About Us

Fallen Leaves Maple Products

We are Fallen Leaves Maple Products, a family operated Maple Syrup producer. We established in 2018 after a humble start at making maple syrup in the backyard. After days of sitting outside in the rain and snow we got an idea of sharing our love of maple syrup with more people. We bought land in Sault Ste Marie, ON that is nestled in a conservation area. Through the years we have expanded to include saffron, honeybees, and a vegetable and fruit garden to reduce our footprint on the environment.  Many of the produce we grow are use in our products.  

Our sugar bush is home to moose, deer, bears, eagles, hawks, beavers, turtles, to name a few and hikers that walk the section of the voyager trail that crosses our sugar bush. Our surroundings help drive our values and practices.

We believe we are stewards of the land and place and emphasis on sustainability, quality, and passion. All of our maple syrup is wood fired and produced in an off-grid operation using solar panels as our main power source. We specialize in infused maple syrup using only natural ingredients to bring some fun to your bottle of maple syrup. We invite you to come walk with us on the wild side with a bottle of our infused maple syrup.