A bottle of 100% pure maple syrup
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Amber Grade - 100% Pure Maple Syrup

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A more medium maple flavour which is darker in colour. Amber maple syrup has a stronger flavour than golden and has a richer flavour than lighter syrup.  Great for use on food, or for cooking or baking with.

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ect Parker
Franks comments

We had a problem with it crystalizing in the fridge.How can we correct the problem?

This occurs from time to time as when the sugar content in the syrup has increased due to air exposure and evaporation. You can simply add a very small amount of hot water when the bottle is almost empty and it will dissolve. These are simply sugar crystals that have formed

Chantal Santerre
Great Gift for anyone!!!

We liked the fact that we have a choice in the pure maple syrup between Gold and Amber for what my husband 's and my liking were different. We each got what we prefer. I compare this Amber Maple syrup as good as the Quebec syrup in a can and will be buying this product again and again!!!!