Old Fashioned with Orange Infused Maple Syrup Fallen Leaves Maple Products

Old Fashioned with Orange Infused Maple Syrup

Old Fashioned with Orange Infused Maple Syrup

The old fashioned is a classic drink that has been enjoyed by whiskey drinkers for decades.  It is an unique blend of Bourbon, orange and Bitters.  Bitters provide a splash of spice and herbs to any cocktail but are an essential ingredient to the Old Fashioned.  This combination of ingredients results in a spicy sweet caramel taste.  An old fashioned is aromatic, silky, and smooth.

 As I was sipping an Old Fashioned one evening after a particularly crazy day, I thought to myself that the perfect addition to my much enjoyed drink would be Orange Infuse Maple Syrup.  It is a perfect match for this drink that relies on orange peel as both as a garnish, but also as a source of essential oil for aromatics and flavour.  Without hesitation, I cracked open a bottle of our Fallen Leaves Orange Infuse Maple Syrup and got to work.  This recipe is a personal favourite of mine and I often enjoy one while relaxing watching a movie, or by the campfire.



How to make

1.  In a lowball whisky glass measure bourbon, Fallen Leaves Orange Infused                Maple Syrup, and 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters and mix.

2.  Using a knife, cut fresh orange peel into a strip 2 inches in length by 1/2 inch.   Twist the orange peel over drink to allow the oils from the peel to mix with your drink.  Place orange peel on rim of glass, or in your glass as garnish.

3. Add one large ice cube to glass.  Mix gently to cool drink.


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